How to Select the right Turntable for Yourself

Before we go through how to select the right turntable, let’s first understand what a turntable really is? So, what exactly is a turntable? It is a revolving circular plate that supports a record as it is played. So, what are the parts?

Well, there’s the needle, the record plate, the tonearm, stylus and so on. You can find a number of quality turntables such as Pro Ject Essential 2 in the online marketplace.

Automatic or Manual

  • Automatic turntables lift the tonearm, shifts it towards the record the places itself over the record for you. This means that there’s a possibility for a malfunction.
  • In manual turntables, you’ll need to lift the tonearm and put it over the record plate yourself.

 The recording plate and the Stylus

  • The recording plate is a big round plate where the Vinyl record is placed to record or to play music.
  • And the stylus is the triangular contraption that touches the vinyl record and is often called “the needle”.

Stereos and Accessories

  • A basic turntable will be paired with a cheap, built-in speaker and that’s it.
  • An expensive turntable will include a Stereo speaker and other accessories.


  • Basic turntable starts from $200.
  • An extravagant turntable may cost you from $500 to thousands of dollars, but it will be something great to look at.

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