Provide your Room the Perfect Lighting Elegance with Capiz Chandeliers

Capiz is translucent shell found in Philippines and Indonesia. It is a bivalve mollusk that is eaten by people. However, Capiz are more popular for their shells which are used in various craftworks. It’s also widely known as the mother of pearls because of the quality of producing it. It is one of the major sources of income for residents of the Philippines as they can prepare many things out of it.

They‘ve been utilized in the form of glasses for years due to its translucent property and durability. However, with changing time, their usage too has changed and people are now manufacturing capiz lamp and chandeliers from it. It is found in huge quantities in the Gulf region which is near the Philippines but, due to inadequate source of fishing, the population of these shells is declining.

In the Philippines, there are permits given to fishermen for fisheries. A certain quotas and size limit has been set so that the shells could be restored but still the quantity is decreasing.

Here are different ways that capiz can be used –

  • Capiz windows are cheaper than glass windows. Although now people are switching to glass windows but in Philippines you can still find many houses containing capiz windowpanes.
  • Because of its durability, it is difficult to cut capiz into different shapes and sizes. Still craftsmen find out way to make candle holders of different shapes and color so that when you light the candle, the entire room is colorful.
  • The chandelier is the most common artistry made by the Philippines people. Most stores can be seen displaying at least one chandelier of capiz in the Philippines.
  • People who love sea life or aquatic animals can surely hang a capiz wall décor in their home and office. You can select a show piece, a mirror on capiz, or a clock on capiz shell.
  • Jewelry like pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets of different shapes, sizes and color are masterpiece.

You can explore your creativity involving capiz so that apart from these things you can select many more. The best way to do this is by searching online for a good quality shopping site.