Natural and Gentle Deodorant Alternatives to Use Under Arms

Just like using mouthwash after brushing your teeth, de-stinking armpit is necessary after a bath or prior leaving home. There is controversy about questionable chemicals used in antiperspirants. People are concerned about conditions like breast cancer or Alzheimer’s.

It is revealed that majority of antiperspirant has an aluminium based compound, which does not allow the sweat ducts to perspire. Antiperspirant is paired with deodorant that has fragrance, which stops your body from stinking.

You can research a little and opt for best deodorant alternatives like Body Mint Lady or Sport, which contains no damaging chemicals. You can even apply some natural kitchen ingredients to leave home smelling sweet.

Baking soda & corn starch

Baking soda [1 part] mixed with little water can be rubbed under the arms. You can even add corn-starch [6 parts] to the mix for preventing wetness and fight odour.

Lemon juice

Applying lemon juice under the arms to kill odour causing bacteria. You will sweat but the smell will be lemon-y fresh.

Essential oils

Choose antibacterial varieties like thyme, lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender.  Create a personal unique scent. These need to be applied several times as they will not last long like commercial deodorants. It is natural formula, so will be gentle on the skin.

Hand sanitizer

You forgot your deodorant and at workplace need something to cover stench. Consider applying little antibacterial gel under the armpit. Alcohol kills bacteria as well as neutralizes the smell. While rubbing you can feel the alcohol smell but it will keep that smellier odour at bay.